Final update

I added some more UI elements; a slider, buttons + a frame, inventory bag.


I updated the cave screen I had made in a previous update so it fits better with the style of the game & it feels more like a dungeon.


I worked on the options menu, although artwise the only new element is the background.


We decided to implement a tutorial in 1 of the “shops”;

I made some meshes + textures to decorate the dungeon. (Box mesh was already made by Angie)


I did a quick overpaint of Angie’s 3rd shopkeeper again to make sure it fit with the style of the game


I made some more loot


Last but not least, I resized textures so as to make the game run smoother.

Marianne Peeters


Week 14 + 15

I made some wall-decals to break the tilable textures.


Next up I made a pop-up screen when a player tries to enter to dungeon. In this screen they will be able to change some options;


A “You died” screen for obvious purposes;


In the last play-test, a lot of people mentioned that we should add a simple texture behind dungeon doors so it seems a little more realistic. Hence I made a quick environment texture (Not much of it will be actually seen. Just small parts through door cracks);



Lastly I updates the previous boss yokai I made. I reworked the lines of the body of the frog to be equally thick as its head. 

Marianne Peeters

Week 13: Loot props

Hello everyone! Due to the CHristmas weekend, I did not get as much work done this week, so this will be a small update.


Mainly I made some loot items the player finds after killing an enemy.

Apart from that, I focussed on fixing some textures for our showcase on the last Study Night.

Marianne Peeters

Week 11: Overpaint & More enemies

This week I started off doing a quick over-paint of Angie’s shopkeeper to make it match with the artstyle of the enemies more. It was mostly just adding an outline. (Top = Original, bottom = reworked version)


I brightened up some of the dungeon textures & also added an outline to them to make them match.(Left = original, Right = reworked)


I finished up 2 more enemies, each with 3 animations again;

Since there was some trouble with bitbucket overrides, I also had to re-animate the main menu again.

Marianne Peeters


This week I made channel-masks for the existing yokais to make color-changes easier.

I redid the blood-splatter effect since the previous one was a little too realistic for our art-style. I tried to sylize it a bit in varrying degrees. Eventually we settled on number 2.

I worked on some tiling textures for the level;

I made a new yokai enemy + 3 animations (Ao-Bozu)


A fire sprite animation for torches in the dungeon:


I made some more icons for the kanji spells


Lastly I started working on the main-menu for the game. Here is the sketch I’m basing myself upon;


Marianne Peeters

Week 8: Enemy iterations

This week I worked on iterations for the enemies I made previously (4 different colors, same animations). Besides that, I made a new enemy with also 4 different iterations.

I also made a small blood-effect for when the player takes damage too.

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Marianne Peeters