Week 12: Shopkeeper + Village scene

This week I worked on the third shopkeeper and modeled and textured props for the village scene. I also started a re-work of the house textures.


Week 10: Progress

This week I painted the UI screen for the village shop. Here it is:


I also finished texturing the loot props and started work on the loot screen.


Worked a bit on the hub scene as well, but it is not yet finished. Modeled and textured props for both, the village scene and the dungeon.

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Week 9: Dungeon Texturing, Loot models, Kanji selection

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Here are the textures I made for the dungeon last week. I also modelled a few props you can receive as loot. I made a Kanji selection pdf so everyone can add and edit their own kanji (the ones they think are appropriate).


Next week I’ll be decorating the environment, finish the UI of the shops I had started and work on more loot props.

Week 5: Modular pieces and village hub update

This week, I started working on the modular pieces for our dungeon. First, I made the planning sheet for the modular kit (in my notebook) on what props are going to be used and a small material library and found the according reference.


As main reference, I will use the Himeji Caste in Japan.

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Here are the results of the first shader test. screenshot-65


I also worked on small things in the village hub scene.



Week 4: Village hub

This week I started modelling the environment for the village hub and testing models within the toon shader.

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Next week I will continue working on it. By adding more props, taking care of the background and texturing the scene.
I also made a small selection for the first kanji spells that we are going to use and got them approved by Marlies Holvoet.

-Angelika Kirkorova