Week 5: Loot system

This week I worked further on the loot system I mentioned last time.The amount and value of loot you get with every drop depends on the overall difficulty of the current level, the percentage of the level that you have explored and a bit of luck.
Next to that I also started planning to make the grid maps randomly generated. I am planning to divide a level in a predetermined number of sub-levels which you can choose when starting a new level. The sub-levels will have randomly generated corridors and rooms but the entrances and exits will have be in the middle of each side (see image).


Week 5: Modular pieces and village hub update

This week, I started working on the modular pieces for our dungeon. First, I made the planning sheet for the modular kit (in my notebook) on what props are going to be used and a small material library and found the according reference.


As main reference, I will use the Himeji Caste in Japan.

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Here are the results of the first shader test. screenshot-65


I also worked on small things in the village hub scene.