Week 13 – 15

For the past three weeks I was busy with a few things. First off, I made the spell book which is basically the first 4 lessons from the Genki manual. I illustrated the stroke order and put together a book with flipping pages within the game.


I also finished decorating the village hub scene.

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And finally I put together our final presentation. You can view it here.

Pitch Document and Presentation

First of all Hello everyone,

I am happy to be the first to post on this blog for the development of our little gameproject. If somebody reads this now when it is published there wont be a lot of content yet for our project but I promise to make sure that this blog is reguarly updated and I hope that you will follow our small team trhough this journey.

This week I worked on the pitch document and the power point presentation for one or our two pitches depending on how it goes these two documents will be soon here on this blog.

But except that not a lot of stuff has happened we are still in very early planning phase.

Kind regards,