Final update

I added some more UI elements; a slider, buttons + a frame, inventory bag.


I updated the cave screen I had made in a previous update so it fits better with the style of the game & it feels more like a dungeon.


I worked on the options menu, although artwise the only new element is the background.


We decided to implement a tutorial in 1 of the “shops”;

I made some meshes + textures to decorate the dungeon. (Box mesh was already made by Angie)


I did a quick overpaint of Angie’s 3rd shopkeeper again to make sure it fit with the style of the game


I made some more loot


Last but not least, I resized textures so as to make the game run smoother.

Marianne Peeters


Week 14 + 15

I made some wall-decals to break the tilable textures.


Next up I made a pop-up screen when a player tries to enter to dungeon. In this screen they will be able to change some options;


A “You died” screen for obvious purposes;


In the last play-test, a lot of people mentioned that we should add a simple texture behind dungeon doors so it seems a little more realistic. Hence I made a quick environment texture (Not much of it will be actually seen. Just small parts through door cracks);



Lastly I updates the previous boss yokai I made. I reworked the lines of the body of the frog to be equally thick as its head. 

Marianne Peeters

Week 13: Loot props

Hello everyone! Due to the CHristmas weekend, I did not get as much work done this week, so this will be a small update.


Mainly I made some loot items the player finds after killing an enemy.

Apart from that, I focussed on fixing some textures for our showcase on the last Study Night.

Marianne Peeters

Week 12: Bossfight +Shopkeeper

Hello everyone! For our 10th yokai, we decided to go for a boss-battle. Takiyasha hime is a sorceress princess who raised an army of yokais;


Next up I worked on a shopkeeper for our 2nd shop;


Lastly I made some more scrolls for the UI so as to have some diversity:

Marianne Peeters

Week 11: Overpaint & More enemies

This week I started off doing a quick over-paint of Angie’s shopkeeper to make it match with the artstyle of the enemies more. It was mostly just adding an outline. (Top = Original, bottom = reworked version)


I brightened up some of the dungeon textures & also added an outline to them to make them match.(Left = original, Right = reworked)


I finished up 2 more enemies, each with 3 animations again;

Since there was some trouble with bitbucket overrides, I also had to re-animate the main menu again.

Marianne Peeters

Week 9: Dungeon Texturing, Loot models, Kanji selection

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Here are the textures I made for the dungeon last week. I also modelled a few props you can receive as loot. I made a Kanji selection pdf so everyone can add and edit their own kanji (the ones they think are appropriate).


Next week I’ll be decorating the environment, finish the UI of the shops I had started and work on more loot props.


This week I made channel-masks for the existing yokais to make color-changes easier.

I redid the blood-splatter effect since the previous one was a little too realistic for our art-style. I tried to sylize it a bit in varrying degrees. Eventually we settled on number 2.

I worked on some tiling textures for the level;

I made a new yokai enemy + 3 animations (Ao-Bozu)


A fire sprite animation for torches in the dungeon:


I made some more icons for the kanji spells


Lastly I started working on the main-menu for the game. Here is the sketch I’m basing myself upon;


Marianne Peeters