Week 12: UI, Loot and movement updates

For the last two weeks I have been working on the UI of both the dungeon level and the hub area. After that I updated the movement so the player can keep moving by just holding the button as this was a complaint we got from most people play-testing our game.

This week I mainly worked on implementing the loot system into the game play. When killing an enemy or just finding a loot-pile in the dungeon, the player is given a number of random items. The maximum value and the number of items is dependent on the overall difficulty and a bit of luck. But there will never be more then five items in on drop. The player can either pick up everything or take certain items. This will become more important later.


For now the numbers represent the value of the found items where five is very rare and one is very common. These will be replaced by either 2D renders of the objects or the 3D objects in canvas space.

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