Week 13: Loot props

Hello everyone! Due to the CHristmas weekend, I did not get as much work done this week, so this will be a small update.


Mainly I made some loot items the player finds after killing an enemy.

Apart from that, I focussed on fixing some textures for our showcase on the last Study Night.

Marianne Peeters

Week 12: Kanji Library + Technichal Errors

Hello everyone,

This week so far a small Update from me I updated the Kanji Library and increased its number to around 50 now, these Kanji are based to on the Genki book for learning Japanese, in specific the first 4 Chapters(http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/self/genki-kanji-list-linked-to-wwkanji). I am also in contact with the Japanology Department of the University of Gents Japanology department for pronunciation recordings for each Kanji.

Sadly I could not add anything directly to the game this week due to recurring technical errors that prevented me from working on the code.



-Thomas Beck

Week 12: UI, Loot and movement updates

For the last two weeks I have been working on the UI of both the dungeon level and the hub area. After that I updated the movement so the player can keep moving by just holding the button as this was a complaint we got from most people play-testing our game.

This week I mainly worked on implementing the loot system into the game play. When killing an enemy or just finding a loot-pile in the dungeon, the player is given a number of random items. The maximum value and the number of items is dependent on the overall difficulty and a bit of luck. But there will never be more then five items in on drop. The player can either pick up everything or take certain items. This will become more important later.


For now the numbers represent the value of the found items where five is very rare and one is very common. These will be replaced by either 2D renders of the objects or the 3D objects in canvas space.

Week 12: Bossfight +Shopkeeper

Hello everyone! For our 10th yokai, we decided to go for a boss-battle. Takiyasha hime is a sorceress princess who raised an army of yokais;


Next up I worked on a shopkeeper for our 2nd shop;


Lastly I made some more scrolls for the UI so as to have some diversity:

Marianne Peeters

Week 11 Combat Overhaul

Hello everyone,

This week I worked a lot on the combat mechanics and the general flow of the game, I changed a lot of the original formula so its still a bit wonky, please bear with it.

Now enemies spawn with an random color palette and one random Kanji out of our own Kanji library,  that changes on successfully drawing the Kanji  also depending on how good you draw the Kanji there will be a different Particle Effect.


Kind regards


Week 11: Overpaint & More enemies

This week I started off doing a quick over-paint of Angie’s shopkeeper to make it match with the artstyle of the enemies more. It was mostly just adding an outline. (Top = Original, bottom = reworked version)


I brightened up some of the dungeon textures & also added an outline to them to make them match.(Left = original, Right = reworked)


I finished up 2 more enemies, each with 3 animations again;

Since there was some trouble with bitbucket overrides, I also had to re-animate the main menu again.

Marianne Peeters

Week 10: Map Generator Implementation

The generation has been implemented into the main project. The player movement,  enemy spawn system and the general dungeon game play elements have been linked to it and most bugs have been fixed. The corridors should no longer create any dead ends and the player will always have at least one exit and one entrance to a dungeon.
All that remains now is to decorate the map and make sure the lighting gets done right.


Week 10: Mobile Version Troubles + Particles Effects

Hello everyone,

This week I worked mostly  on some bug fixes and porting some stuff to the Android mobile version. I had some problems with that some of my Shaders did not work correctly in Android and that the movement is not doing as intended, also there were some slight problems with some Particle Effects.

For the combat I made some small Particle Effects to indicate a hit or miss. They are still very simple but I think they do their purpose for now.


Kind regards,

Thomas Beck