Week 9: Dungeon Texturing, Loot models, Kanji selection

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Here are the textures I made for the dungeon last week. I also modelled a few props you can receive as loot. I made a Kanji selection pdf so everyone can add and edit their own kanji (the ones they think are appropriate).


Next week I’ll be decorating the environment, finish the UI of the shops I had started and work on more loot props.

Week9: Palette Swap Shader + Click Drag Camera

Hello everyone,

This week, I mostly worked on a Palette Swap shader and a Click and Drag Camera;

Our team decided to go to a more procedural approach in terms of level and enemy generation. So I wrote a shader that adds specific tint color based on the provided enemy mask.I am quite happy with the end result.


As well to that I reworked a bit our camera and added a Click and Drag function. In our hub village right now it’s completely free and in our  Dungeon I gave it a threshold  after it will automatically continue the  movement rotation.

These are the main functions I  managed to implement I worked as well on the combat revamp, which was also on my schedule but it is a bigger challenge than I expected.

Kind regards

-Thomas Beck


This week I made channel-masks for the existing yokais to make color-changes easier.

I redid the blood-splatter effect since the previous one was a little too realistic for our art-style. I tried to sylize it a bit in varrying degrees. Eventually we settled on number 2.

I worked on some tiling textures for the level;

I made a new yokai enemy + 3 animations (Ao-Bozu)


A fire sprite animation for torches in the dungeon:


I made some more icons for the kanji spells


Lastly I started working on the main-menu for the game. Here is the sketch I’m basing myself upon;


Marianne Peeters

Week 8: Map Generation

For this week I worked on the map generator. I did this outside our project as it would conflict too much with the current systems. For now the generator creates a path from  each of the entrances of the map. These paths will change direction depending on the corner chance variable set at the start and will go on until the max length for a path is reached. after that a room is created at the end, one of the tiles from that room gets picked as the next starting point and a new path continues from there.
Now I will start implementing the modular meshes into the generation and I will make the algorithm a bit less random to make the layouts more interesting.

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Week 8: Technical problems and bug fixes

Hello everyone,

I am sorry for not managing to make a blog post last week, my Laptop’s hard drive got corrupted. Sadly the technical problems continued afterwards with my laptop which hindered my progress quite a bit since these last weeks. I hope that these problems will be fixed now with a clean wiped PC and updated drivers.

Last week we our group had to present our progress so I made a small PowerPointPresentation for it, you will find a link to it below and in the documents tab.

The coding that  I managed to do this week were some bug fixes mostly related to our Kanji Drawing which now works in the scene as intended and I rewrote some code to be more readable.


Kind regards

-Thomas Beck

Week 8: Enemy iterations

This week I worked on iterations for the enemies I made previously (4 different colors, same animations). Besides that, I made a new enemy with also 4 different iterations.

I also made a small blood-effect for when the player takes damage too.

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Marianne Peeters

Bug Fixing + Mobile Version

Hello everyone,

A small update from my site, since my last update not that much was finished.

I fixed  some small bugs of the Kanji recognition plus some extra functionalities. Aswell to that we are working on a port to  the current status of the game on Android, we are still struggling a bit with that but we are hoping to get a  build with all current functionalitiess working by next week.

Kind regards,